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Loco & Hot

11/02/2016A Tel Aviv Two-Piece Sizzling On The Underground

Currently bubbling up on the Tel Aviv boardwalk is yet another APE Records product by the enticing name of Loco Hot. The brashly innovative duo is composed of drummer Tamir Muskat, producer of Asaf Avidan's latest hit album "Different Pulses", and lead-singer Gilad Kahana, the influential trend-setter of Israeli pop phenomenon "Girafot".

The two have joined creative forces to release their sizzling hot single "Nadlan", a twisted fusion of Hiphop beats, flashy electronica and NSFW lyrics that has reached close to 1M views on YouTube: It's the classic tail of boy meets girl, falling in love, wanting to build a house together, lacking the funds and having to up the daily grind just to pay the rent. And then there's that bloodsucking landlord to shatter their dreams once and for all. How poetic!

Check the video below for some added spice!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom