Primal Instinct

30/01/2016Up-And-Coming Tel Aviv Imprint APE Records Set To Raise The Bar

There is a new beast in Tel Aviv’s musical animal kingdom, a newly formed boutique imprint with a music-first approach to handling its business. Founders Tamir Muskat (drummer & producer) and Eyal Gruenberg (an experienced music executive) set the record straight from the start:

"We are not a label”, Muskat says. "Our passion is music and that's what we are aiming for, be it nationally or internationally. All we want is to put out records we love that are unique and forward-thinking.”

Muskat himself is no stranger to the scene. The drummer and one third of the acclaimed Balkan Beat Box outfit also produced Asaf Avidan’s latest hit album “Different Pulses”. Now him and his affiliate are out to follow their primal instinct and approach the music industry from a slightly different angle.

APE Records is intended as a fresh new home, a communal alcove for music lovers to communicate, interact, collaborate and share common ground with a like-minded crowd. A club of sorts: All (pri-)mates welcome.

Watch this space as we proceed to introduce you to some tree-topping APE Records releases. For now, let's just say we'll keep an ear to the jungle.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom