Dance Like An Egyptian

08/03/2016Malox Premier Bangles Bagpipe Spinoff From Forthcoming Album

Last Saturday we realised our first full-length live stream via Greedio, featuring an instrumental journey by Boom Pam & friends playing the Merkaz Enav auditorium in Tel Aviv. If you tuned in, you may have noticed that crazy sax player by the name of Eyal Talmudi, one half of local two-piece MALOX.

Set to release its third LP "Gaza Trip", this highly combustible duo just premiered the visual companion to its very first album cut, a sublime spinoff of The Bangles' iconic '80s smash hit "Walk Like An Egyptian".

MALOX's "Dance Like An Egyptian" opens with a viciously energetic drumroll that has you on your feet before you know what hit you, then converges into a veritable bagpipe serenade and finally turns into an all-out, Mediterranean-flavoured, 'drum'n'bags' delirium with hauntingly beautiful, moving archive images to match. These guys are off their rocker, but see for yourselves:

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom