Cantos Campesinos

14/06/2019Olindo Records Complete Trilogy Of Venezuelan 45s With EP By Isaac Sasson

This Friday marks release day for part three of the Venezuelan trilogy of 45s on Olindo Records. The series started back in 2017 with the release of "Abeja b/w Black & Decker" by Monsalve Y Los Forajidos, was followed by Insólito UniVerso's "Vuelve b/w Décima" in 2018 and now concludes with Isaac Sasson's "Cantos Campesinos".

The EP features two original, folkloric compositions by Caracas-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Isaac Sasson, which previously appeared on his self-released 2017 album "Memorias del canto campesino", as well as a remix by London producer and drummer Hector Plimmer (Albert's Favourites). 

On Side A we find the short composition "Paseo en un sueño", a dreamlike tune, riding the melodic flute of Tomasito Garcia, before we are carried away by "Canción para mi familia, Venezuela", "a sort of mantra prayer dedicated to Venezuela and Isaac's family an friends; it's spiraling guitar riff and various percussion instruments quickly descending towards a chaotic state of bliss", the description reads.

The flipside features Hector Plimmer's remix of Sasson's "Cantos Campesinos": "Hector retunes the rhythm to his purposes, building tension and borrowing a bell sound to raise it even further, before releasing a skittering drum pattern, [eventually] adding sensual synth chords a flute-like synth solo to complete this musical trip." 

Isaac Sasson's "Cantos Campesinos" releases today. Head over to the Olindo Records Bandcamp page to stream/buy the release in full. There will also be a limited run of 300 vinyl records available. 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom