Took A Second

02/09/2022Tel Aviv Afro-Fusion Conglomerate Liquid Saloon Unveils Sophomore Album On Raw Tapes

With the holidays in full effect here at Greedy headquarters, we admittedly withdrew for a short breather over the past few weeks to recharge our batteries and re-up on some much needed vitamin D. That being said, it 'took a second' for us to find our stride and come up with new musical content to bestow upon you. Lucky for us, Tel Aviv's kaleidoscopic conglomerate Liquid Saloon unveiled its sophomore longplayer back in June, an album that has been a welcome companion under the sun these past summer days. 

On "Took a Second", Amir Bresler (drums, bass, guitar, percussion), Sefi Zisling (trumpet), Nomok (keys), Elyasaf Bashari (oud) and Rejoicer (synths, additional composition), take us on a blissful ten-track exploration of the neo-tropical undergrowth, concocting a steadily flowing blend of infectious grooves, combining elements of West African highlife and afrobeat with shades of jazz, "smoothed-out disco, polyrhythmic hand percussion, New Orleans funk and more."  Densely arranged, the group's second outing on Raw Tapes is musical storytelling in its most poignant, psychedelic form, no prescription needed. 

Best consumed in one session, we recommend you pull out those easy chairs, recalibrate that hammock or simply recline in your chaise-longue with an iced anything at hand and let the Liquid Saloon take effect. Click below for the full experience and watch the group's live session at Teder.FM earlier this year.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom