25/04/2023Brazilian Jazz Fusion Trio Caixa Cubo Shares Well-Grounded New Album On Jazz & Milk

In music, more often than not, it is about bringing the 'right' elements together in harmony to create something of wider appeal. And while the 'right' seems counterintuitive in terms of creative freedom or the jazz mindset, you just know it, when you hear it. Such is the case with distinguished contemporary Brazilian jazz trio Caixa Cubo, alias Henrique Gomide on piano, rhodes and synthesizer, João Fideles on drums and Noa Stroeter on bass and electric bass. Exploring the rich musical and rhythmical heritage of their native Brazil, the three have been on an enduring mission to combine these diverse influences with modern jazz tendencies.

Having crossed paths during their formative years, the three have since formed a special bond that has resulted in several highly-regarded LP outings. A few weeks back, Caixa Cubo released their brand-new, nine-track album "Agôra" ('now') on Cologne-based imprint Jazz & Milk, adding a myriad of guest vocalists and musicians to their advanced instrumental approach. The result is as coherent as it is eclectic, with a heavy dose of soul at the core of their intricate, improvisational compositions. Recorded in Cologne over the course of just three days, "Agôra" is a testament to artistic creation firmly rooted in the present.

“'Agôra' is a wake-up call to reality, a reminder that the infinite possibilities of technological progress should not disconnect us from the earth, from eye-to-eye relationships, and from moments lived in person," the three point out. “And that we must not be consumed by greed, for all we truly possess.... is the NOW.” Highlighting the vocal prowess of artists such as Jembaa Groove's Ghanaian singer Eric Owusu, Brazil's Xênia França and Zé Leônidas as well as South Africa's Bongani Givethanks & Mpho Nkuzo, Caixa Cubo deliver a vivid melodic backdrop of understated virtuosity, a celebration of life in all its complex simplicity.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom