Sad Nile

21/04/2023Berlin's The Polyversal Souls Revisit Their Back Catalogue On Groove-Ridden Two-Tracker

Sometimes things do not go as planned. We were actually going to send you off into the weekend with a brand-new instalment of Jean Trouillet's far-reaching Globalwize format. However, we encountered some licensing restrictions on Mixcloud and could not upload the show. Instead, here's a recent 7" release on Philophon by label head Max Weissenfeldt's Berlin-based outfit The Polyversal Souls

The band had dropped its dynamic debut album "Invisible Joy" back in 2015 and followed that up with a bunch of lush singles. Now, the group decided to revisit its back catalogue and rework two classics. The A-side brings us a remastered version of the gorgeously swaying ethio-jazz tune "Sad Nile", recorded alongside Ethiopian keyboard legend and accordion luminary Hailu Mergia himself. On the B-side we find a soaring instrumental version of Florence Adooni's (Alogte Oho & his Sounds of Joy) catchy "Mam Pe'ela Su'ure" led by Jimi Tenor on flute.

Listing all the names involved in these recordings would rob us of some much needed sleep, but you can find the full credits on the Bandcamp release page or simply pick up the vinyl for good measure. You can also watch the visualizer to the original recording of "Sad Nile" below to see which version you like best.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom