Mournful Kingdom Of Sand

22/02/2023Enigmatic Duo Ak'chamel Returns With Another Esoteric Psych-Folk Journey On Akuphone

Following our Altercat Argentine jazz double-header in January, we complete this month's Akuphone 'sounds from here and yonder' double-header with the enigmatic, cabalistic duo Ak'chamel and their latest sophomore feat titled "A Mournful Kingdom of Sand". Hailing from "a border state", this mysterious joint venture describes itself as "fourth world post-colonial cultural cannibalists circumcising the foreskin of enlightenment," which sounds about as ominous as their "deep psychedelic folk" compositions.

The experimental duo and self-proclaimed "giver of illness" released its debut full-length "The Totemist" at the start of 2020 (just before you know what hit), unleashing its cerebral, mystical charms upon unsuspecting listeners and quickly gaining widespread acclaim among those in the know. Fast-forward to now and we get to enjoy another "esoteric journey", which Ak'chamel describe as "a perfect soundtrack for the desertification of our world." 

No doubt ritualistic in form, just like its predecessor, this latest seven-track exploit is yet another ear-opening experience; call it multi-layered manna for the psyche. Left to wonder, where on earth Ak'chamel collected these supernatural subterranean soundscapes, we let their bewitching offering take hold of our inner eye, curious to see, which visions they might conjure and how our spirits respond. Now you!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom