All High Ways

21/12/2022Munich Kraut-Jazz-Space-Prog Outfit Karaba Invites Listeners On A Madcap Journey Of Extremes

While it strikes us as odd to release a new studio album amidst the usual holiday brouhaha, we must admit that we had this one on our radar for quite some time now and are happy to finally share it with you. The young, Munich-based kraut-jazz-space-prog four-piece Karaba first came to our attention as the backing band to Turkish Gastarbeiter offspring and saz wunderkind Ozan Ata Canani on his rocking anthem "Vom Bosporus bis zum Rhein", released on Fun in the Church back in May. Last week, they unveiled their meteoric third full-length "All High Ways" on Klangschutz, putting on a wild display of musicianship and progressive aplomb.

Karaba are Jakob Thun on drums, Maasl Maier on bass, Louis Bankvas on guitar and Andreas Kainz on keys and that's about as much as we were able to find out about them. Backed by Initiative Musik GmbH and realised with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, this dazzling twelve-tracker was able to see the light of day. Listening to the band jam on and on and on is reminiscent of the mesmerising exploratory approaches by legendary jazz fusion formations the likes of Weather Report, the mighty (and also Munich-based krautrock formation) Embryo or psychedelic contemporaries such as Japan's Kikagaku Moyo.

"All High Ways" lead to ... We'll leave it up to you to find the fitting answer to that question. Rest assured, this high-flying, densely constructed longplayer is bound to take you on a roller-coaster ride to musical wonderland or Candy Mountain. Trippy, playful and grandiosely magnificent, Karaba invite listeners on a journey of extremes, delivering a heavy-duty concoction of intricate arrangements, dreamlike sequences and energetic riffing just in time for another transition into the unknown. Hello 2023.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom