La Estrella

01/12/2022Chancha Via Circuito Takes Listeners On An Electro-Acoustic Exploration Of The Andean Limbic System

Argentina. Land of silver. A mythical country on the southern tip of South America, home to the capital city of Buenos Aires, which itself is the stomping ground of producer, DJ, remixer and composer Pedro Canale, better known as Chancha Via Circuito. Having made a name for himself on the legendary local ZZK digital cumbia circuit, his moniker quickly became synonymous with a unique and highly original blend of "cumbia-inspired electronic music that takes cues from environmental sounds and South American folkloric traditions." Fusing Andean hues with modern production, his compositions take on a life of their own, fairytales of epic proportions with mystical repercussions. 

Earlier this month, Chancha Via Circuito unveiled his fifth longplayer to date on Wonderwheel Recordings. Dubbed "La Estrella", the album finds him tailoring a dense ancestral quilt with a plethora of contemporary stylings and a host of cutting-edge features from the pan-Latin community, including Argentine folk and fusion trio Fémina, prominent Colombian-Canadian powerhouse Lido Pimienta, singular Bogotán outfit the Meridian Brothers, fellow Bogotán twin sister duo Las Áñez, Buenos Aires-based artist Federico Estévez alias Moninja, Bogotá's Manu Ranks and, last but not least, Puerto Rico via Oakland's María José Montijo. Flanked by this international cast, Chancha Via Circuito rolls out a multi-textured, kaleidoscopic canvas that takes listeners on a deep electro-acoustic exploration of the Andean limbic system.

Beautifully adorned, meditative soundscapes cross paths with potent bass lines, hang drums, coordinated chimes, high-flying flutes and more to create the rich undergrowth of Chancha Via Circuito's intricate compositions, as the vocals take charge and the complexly patterned beats hit home. We could go on and on about how bewitching this album is, but to each their own journey. Just sit back and let "La Estrella" guide the way. 

Click below to listen to the full album and watch the official companion video to "Cometa" below. 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom