O Paraíso

01/02/2023São Paulo's Lucas Santtana Reminds Us Of A Possible Paradise On Earth Via No Format!

Pitter patter goes the rain against our window. Berlin at this time of year is a monotonous blend of different shades of grey, suggesting we stay inside and seek inspiration elsewhere. Luckily for us, the Paris-based No Format! imprint just released the ninth and "new solar album" by Brazilian singer-songwriter Lucas Santtana, inviting us to join him in marveling at this life on earth. And we are more than happy to follow suit.

"O Paraíso" is the name of his latest paradisical longplay effort, a tranquil yet multiplicitous journey to his personal Garden of Eden or in Lucas Santtana's own words: "It is in front of us, we must open our eyes and learn to contemplate it in depth," he describes, appealing to a more mindful, humanistic approach to this planet of ours. "The Earth is a living organism also called 'biosphere', a unique planet in the solar system where all the conditions are gathered to welcome life. Lucas places life at the heart of his songs and celebrates the collective forces that resist to preserve it," the description reads. 

Blending guitar, vocals and bossa nova influences with "organic sounding percussion" and "electronic orchestration and textures," this ten-track collection has a definite pop appeal without succumbing to any prefabricated musical formulas, thus remaining fresh, inspiring and light as a feather. Tropicália in form, this free-spirited album takes cues from a wide array of radiant, natural and ever evolving styles. From folktronica to Kraftwerk-esque synthscapes, "O Paraíso" is undeniably beautiful.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom