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Globalwize Radioshow #434

29/10/2023Listen To An 'African Presence' Special W/ Kathrin Thomas Pres. Music From Mauritius, the Seychelles and Comoros

No better time than this for a fresh batch of island vibes. Luckily for us, WeltBeat host and selector Jean Trouillet recently aired a new instalment of his regular Globalwize format on Frankfurt community radio X. His "Globalwize Radioshow #434" just so happens to be an 'African Presence' special broadcast in collaboration with the Institute of Ethnology and African Studies (ifeas) at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. Hosting this show is Kathrin Thomas, an undergraduate student of Ethnology at the University of Mainz, whom you may be familiar with from show #428 where she presented a wonderful introduction to the Afrobeats genre. 

For this latest instalment duly titled "IslandBreeze", Kathrin Thomas takes us on a two-hour tour of the Indian Ocean, focussing on music from the islands of Mauritius, the Seychelles and the Comoros. Representing Mauritius you will hear productions by artists such as Linzy Bacbotte, Laura Beg, Zulu feat. Mario Ramsay, ANONYM, KAYA, Jane Constance, Hans Nayna, Denzel, Momo & Denzel feat. Avi S, Ejilen Faya & Sish, Blakkayo, Cassiya and The Clarisse Sisters. Curious to know more? You can browse the aformentioned and more artists from Mauritius here. Moving on to the Seychelles, we then hear productions by artists such as Dezil, Nissa Seych, Juliah, Chicco Martino & Daniella, Clive Camille, Sandra Esparon, Lonkid and FJ. Last but not least, we direct our attention to the Comoros with music by Chamsia Sagaf feat. Naïma, Maalesh, Chebli, Miyadi, Alonzo, Soprano, Rohff, Vincenzo, Fahar, Cheikh MC, Say’s, Elams, Goulam, Stracé & Samra and Dadiposlim.

If you understand German, you will be able to enjoy Thomas' able moderation, guiding you through the two-hour show and sharing a wide array of insights along the way. If not, you can still enjoy her highly diverse selection. You can also delve into a short documentary on Mauritian Sega music below. And, as per usual, you can find the detailed playlist here. Now go ahead and let these extraordinary island grooves work their magic!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom