Greedio X May '21

Listen To Our Latest Spotify Playlist Featuring 20 Extraordinary Tracks From The Past Month

It's time to June in to our latest monthly Spotify selection of extraordinary music from around the globe, featuring 20 of our favourite musical discoveries from the month of May in one eclectic playlist. 

We start off with otherworldy Seoul-based duo dal:um, challenging the sonic possibilities of Korea's most well-known string instruments: the gayageum and the geomungo. Then it's off to Pakistan for a transcendental collaboration between Lahore-based [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #389

Tune In To Another Two Hours Of Jean Trouillet's Far-Reaching Selection And A Grand West African Finale

Amidst another week of global confusion, Weltbeat selector and host Jean Trouillet returns with the latest chapter of his far-reaching deep listening format "Globalwize", originally broadcast on Frankfurt's Radio X and now streaming in our Greedio Mixcloud channel. Episode #389 features a splendid selection of wonderful releases from all corners of the world, so before you hit play, let us give you a quick overview of what to expect:

Easing us into the show is [...]

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Best of Globalwize 1997

Year By Year Weltbeat Selector/Host Jean Trouillet Creates A Playlist Of His Favourite Releases

Weltbeat host and selector Jean Trouillet's far-reaching Globalwize format has been broadcasting to the worldwide community via Frankfurt's Radio X since 1987. At the end of each year, Trouillet compiles a list of his personal favourites and airs these in an annual special. With the number of Globalwize shows rapidly approaching the 400 mark, we thought it high time to resurface his best-of selections from the Radio X vaults and present them to you in the form [...]

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Greedio X April '21

Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Productions From The Past Month On Spotify

May the fourth be with you! Today we bring you our latest curated Spotify playlist, comprising a total of 20 extraordinary tracks and musical discoveries that made a lasting impression on us during the month of April.

Our "Greedio X April '21" selection kicks off with a vintage track by Italian film composer Piero Umiliani, a taste of contemporary surf-rock by Indonesian band The Panturas, heady offbeat Ethiopian vibes by Italian outfit The Invisible Session [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #388

Weltbeat Selector/Host Jean Trouillet Presents Two More Hours Of Eclectic Word-Encompassing Sounds

Here to lift our April spirits is Weltbeat / Radio X host and selector Jean Trouillet with another edition of his eclectic and world-encompassing Globalwize listening experience, #388 to be exact. As we breathe a sigh of relief amongst the raging vaccine tempest and political fury, we set our sights on Trouillet's latest musical divertissement.

Kicking off his most recent sonic adventure is Italy's progressive folk band Canzioniere del Lazio, reworking two [...]

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Them Hafi Get A ...

Tune In To Two More Hours Of Daddy Discipline's "Riddim Culture" Format And Finest Roots Revive

"Them hafi get a ..." is the title of Daddy Discipline's fifth "Riddim Culture" instalment, recently resurfaced from the Radio X archives and now streaming in our #Greedio Mixcloud channel. One again, Daddy Discipline saddles up the roots revive roller coaster and gives the kids what they asked for: heavyweight revive gems from Xaymaca to the UK and back. His latest two-hour selection features timeless contributions by artist such as Kiddus I, The Congos, [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #387 w/ Thione Seck

Weltbeat Selector/Host Jean Trouillet Serves Up Another Far-Reaching Selection And Special Tribute To The Late Thione Seck
GreedyforBestMusic-Greedio-Globalwize-Radioshow-387-Radio-X-Weltbeat-Jean-Trouillet_Thione Seck

Travelling the far corners of planet earth is Weltbeat selector and host Jean Trouillet, who just uploaded his latest, far-reaching Globalwize selection to our Greedio Mixcloud channel. Inviting us on yet another eclectic listening journey, Globalwize #387 also features a special tribute to the late Senegalese singer and one of the most important purveyors of the mbalax style, Thione Seck.

The two-hour show gets right to it with a lush track by the UK outfit [...]

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Greedio X March '21

Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Productions From The Past Month

Now that we had enough time to digest the Easter weekend here in Germany, we get to take a musical look back at the moody month of March in all its sonic glory. As usual, we went ahead and put together a unique Spotify playlist comprising 20 extraordinary tracks from around the world. We hope you enjoy listening to these discoveries as much as we enjoyed discovering them. 

Our official "Greedy X March '21" features moving productions by UK producer [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #386

Weltbeat's Jean Trouillet Cooks Up Another Delectable Far-Reaching Two-Hour Deep Listening Session

Always aiming to expand our listening horizons, Weltbeat / Radio X host and selector Jean Trouillet has cooked up another heady bouillabaisse of enticing sounds from across the globe. His latest Globalwize expedition serves up two full hours of eclectic listening glee "from the campfire to the club via a detour to the concert hall," wonderfully narrated and juxtaposed by the man himself.

Show #386 brings us marvellous musical contributions by: Award-winning [...]

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Greedio X February '21

Listen To Our Extraordinary 20-Track Playlist Inspired By The Past Month

Our monthly Spotify playlist format returns as we look back at the past month and the musical gems it bestowed upon us. As usual, we did our best to branch out in all directions and return with an extraordinary 20-track lineup from around the globe worth your while. Here's what we have to offer: 

Kicking off our "Greedio X February '21" playlist is one of the best tributes to the late MF DOOM we've heard so far, by ways of Jaubi from Lahore, Pakistan. Their "[...]

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Lost in Latin Music #06

Latin-Mag's DJ Hans Readies A Two-Hour "Gourmet Dance Craze" Mix

It's time to jumpstart our week with a jam-packed new show by Latinologist DJ Hans (of latin-mag fame). A true specialist of Latin music, DJ Hans has just readied a two-hour mix of rump-shaking tunes, presenting his favourite dance tracks from over 30 years of experience in the field. From Brazil to Cuba, reggae to tropical, known to unknown, new and old, you won't want to miss his latest audio treat, featuring music by: Colombia's Systema Solar, Brazil's [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #385

Weltbeat Selector/Host Jean Trouillet Presents Another Two-Hour Episode Of His Far-Reaching Format

Remaining a constant in uncertain times, Weltbeat selector and host Jean Trouillet returns with a new episode of his far-reaching Globalwize format for Radio X, now streaming exclusively in our Greedio channel on Mixcloud. 

Show #385 welcomes us with the sounds of Congo's Bayaka pygmies, taken from the soundtrack to the late Louis Sarno's "Song From The Forest" (OST). Next up, its the modern Polish folk interpretations of the Warsaw Village Band, followed by [...]

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