Greedio X May '22

02/06/2022Listen To Our Latest 20-Track Selection Of Extraordinary Tunes From Around The Globe

Time moves fast as we head into June, leaving May behind. As per usual, however, we took a moment to gather ourselves and reflect on the weeks past, compiling our favourite releases and musical discoveries of the past month in a comprehensive playlist for you to enjoy at your leisure. Ready or not, here comes our latest monthly Greedio selection of extraordinary musical productions from around the globe along with a quick yet comprehensive description of who made the cut:

Our "Greedio X May '22" Spotify playlist opens with the title track of the originally 1977-released, obscure soul jazz holy grail "Glitter of the City" by Philadelphia's Ron Everett, featuring Tahira on vocals. Next, we celebrate the return of the legendary Stalag riddim on a collaborative effort by US supergroup Quakers and Zambian-born Australia-based rapper/songwriter Sampa the Great, setting the stage for a "Juicy" new Calypso-inspired 45 by Music With Soul mastermind Alex Figueira, steel drums and all. After that we hear an excellent and absolutely scorching reissue of Venezuelan salsa outfit Los Kenya's 1968-released debut album "¡Siempre Afro-Latino!" on Música Infinita, followed by an equally captivating track taken from Brazilian singer Di Melo's eponymous 1975 album. We remain in Brazil, as we present two fascinating releases of Afro-Brazilian music, i.e. "Brasil Novo" compiled by DJs Tahira and Tom Garcia and Maga Bo's "Amor (É Revolução)". 

Ugandan griot Faizal Mostrixx then adds his afrofuturist touch to the rhythm-heavy mix with a track taken from his recently unveiled six-track EP "Transitions" on Glitterbeat Records, heralding a full-length to be released in 2023. Hailing from Barcelona is Txarly Brown's Achilifunk Sound System returning with its sixth album, joining forces with Jonatan Ximenis, the singer from Arrels de Gràcia, to reinvent old soul, funk and jazz classics in a rumba hue, before London-born and Paris-based producer El Búho teams up with US jazz musician and philosopher David Rothenberg on a track commissioned for a very special compilation inspired by the Eurasian curlew, one of the UK's most iconic an endangered birds. Up next is British saxophonist Shabaka (Hutchings) with a track off his spellbinding debut solo EP "Afrikan Culture", which leads us to a gorgeous song from the new album by award-winning Malian Wassoulou musician Oumou Sangaré and then the first ever international release of the Beja sound, performed by Noori and his Dorpa Band, soundtracking the Sudanese revolution on Ostinato Records. 

Upping the tempo after taking a short breather, we share a track from the 1975-released album "Hechan Machayal" by the late and pioneering Israeli Mizrahi singer Ahuva Ozeri and then venture into rockier terrain behind Japanese psych outfit Kikagaku Moyo, on a brain-teasing track taken from their last (and literally their last album) "Kumoyo Island". After that we make way for Moroccan post punk outfit Taqbir, launching a vicious attack on religious oppression, sexism, homophobia, racism and, well, the patriarchy, which goes well with the fierce energy of Istanbul trio Lalalar, who just released their ominous debut album "Bi Cinnete Bakar" on Bongo Joe, and then the evocative, narrative power of the Turin-based Rhabdomantic Orchestra and Colombian singer Maria Mallol Moya on "Aini", a track from their collaborative album "Almagre". Bringing the selection to a resounding close is Siberian producer Misha Sultan with "Why Are You Here", taken from his "Roots" release on Hive Mind Records and, finally, the heavy Al Wootton remix of the Moritz von Oswald trio alongside Heinrich Köbberling on drums and Laurel Halo on vocals. 

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AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom