Greedio X March '22

01/04/2022Listen To Our Latest 20-Track Selection Of Extraordinary Music From Around The Globe And Beyond

Happy April Fool's Day everyone, and yes, it's beginning to look like the joke is on us. As Russian forces continue to ravage Ukraine and war rages on, daily business cannot be more than a distraction from a harsh reality. Please support the cause in any way you can and stand with Ukraine. The Anti-DicKtators' defiant track "Russian Warship (Go F**k Yourself)" is still available on Bandcamp and has already raised £660 for the Ukrainian Trust Chain. Likewise, one of the project's instigators, Yuriy Gurzhy, just shared a new track on YouTube by Kharkiv-based band Alcohol Ukulele. It's not on Spotify so we couldn't add it to our playlist, but there's a link in the audio's description to support the territorial defence forces of their hometown.

That said, we've put together a brand-new playlist featuring our 20 favourite musical discoveries and new releases of the past month. Our "Greedio X March '22" selection features extraordinary and multi-faceted contributions by Bengali migrant Md After Hussain collaborating with Italian electronic artist Andrea Rusconi, aka PAQ, on Hive Mind Records, self-taught Yemenite-Israeli artist Eyal el Wahab, aka El Khat, off his new album on Glitterbeat Records, London-based Sudanese collective The Scorpios on Afro7, Tuareg band Imarhan on City Slang, Berlin's multi-cultural afro-soul seven-piece Jembaa Groove on Agogo Records, jaw-dropping Tel Aviv-based drummer Amir Bresler, joining forces with fellow Israeli three-piece Liquid Saloon and saxo-force-of-nature Eyal Talmudi on Raw Tapes, multi-dimensional creative force Kweku Sackey, aka K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana) on Heavenly Sweetness, Turin's Rhabdomantic Orchestra led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Manuel Volpe on Agogo Records, Palestinian-American violinist, composer and producer Akram Abdulfattah on Levantine Music, Hokkaido-based Ainu musician OKI on Mais Um Discos, the late rhythm poet and musician Lutalo Masimba, aka Brother Resistance, from Trinindad and Tobago on Left Ear Records, Jamaica's Count Sticky and The Upsetters on Pressure Sounds, Hamburg drum virtuoso Michael "White Lion" Pahlich, aka M.W. Lion, and DJ SURO on Herzog Records, Graham Mushnik (Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek) and Luke Warmcop's project Guess What on Catapulte Records, Gözen Atila, aka Anadol, off her cinematic synth-led new album on Pingipung, Wrocław-based musician, composer, producer, pianist and synth wizard Marek Latarnik Pędziwiatr, aka Latarnik, on Astigmatic Records, Japanese pianist and composer Koki Nakano off his forthcoming album on Nø Førmat, Milan-born and Berlin-based jazz pianist and composer Davide Incorvaia from his "Milano Sessions",  Cologne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Marvin Horsch, aka Gianni Brezzo, off his forthcoming album on Jakarta Records, and Dao off the "Léspri Ka: New Directions in Gwoka Music from Guadeloupe 1981-2010" compilation via Ontario's Séance Centre.

Head directly to the Greedio Spotify account for the full experience or preview the selection in the player below. Also, check out the ominous companion video to “Suffer! Suffer!” by Rhabdomantic Orchestra. As always, leave us a heart if you like and and spread the word. Stay safe!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom