Greedio X December '21

03/01/2022Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of 20 Extraordinary Tracks From Around The Globe

Hello world! We awake from our self-induced slumber to take one last look back at the year past or rather the month past and give you more listening inspiration. As usual, it's that time of the month where we share our favourite musical discoveries of the previous month with you. We've readied another 20-track Spotify playlist for you in our Greedio channel, as we revisit our top picks of December '21. 

Our "Greedio X December '21" playlist starts off on an ominous, experimental note led by the enigmatic Finnish multi-instrumentalist Oiro Pena, aka Pentti Oironen, off his new 5-tracker "IMA" on Jazzaggression Records, and followed by the dreamy tribal tales of all-female Japanese three-piece Kuunatic, found on Glitterbeat. Then it's organ mania on another home run by Frankfurt's Analog Africa imprint, taken from their recent "Essiebons Special 1973-1984" release of Ghanaian highlife bangers attributed to legendary producer Dick Essilfie-Bondzie and the mighty Essiebons imprint, which brings us to the horn-driven Afro-Brazilian grooves of Bixiga 70 and the recent reissue of their sought-after eponymous 2011 debut album on Glitterbeat. Also found on Glitterbeat is the discoesque first single "Nautilus", from Dutch outfit YĪN YĪN's forthcoming album project "The Age Of Aquarius", which embarks on an imaginary intergalactic journey.

This paves the way to seasoned Chilean-American producer Nicolas Jaar collaborating with young Ethiopian artist Soul Keita on a surreal track taken from their 2009-released "Democracy" EP, as well as a brand new dreamlike journey into the world of pioneering musicologist Charles Duvelle's field recordings, crafted by French guitarist and producer Nicolas Repac and, finally, the late German legend Holger Czukay (co-founder of fabled Krautrock formation Can) with his 1979-released "Persian Love". After that we diverge into some offbeat magic by fast-rising New Caledonian artist Marcus Gad and producer Tamal, creating a dynamic modern reggae sound bridging the old and new and blending well with another reggae-inspired production by the multi-talented São Paulo underground artist Arícia Mess and fellow Brazilian legend Chico César, taken from Mess' 2021-released and recently remastered album "Versos do Mundo" on Berlin digital imprint Koro Koro

Berlin's Daniel Haaksman tipped us off concerning the prolific Toronto-based producer and percussionist Brandon Valdivia's solo project Mas Aya and his latest album "Máscaras", which kicks off a heady psychedelic exploration of intricate and atmospheric electronic productions, including a track off the new four-tracker "Labalamer" by Reunionese drummer and producer Eat My Butterfly, a joint collaborative effort by Hilang Child, Prabumi and Linda Felina, "created from field recordings captured in the tropical rainforests of West Borneo, the rare European temperate rainforests in Wales and the harsh noise of industry in the UK and Indonesia," and another magical track by Hamburg sound artist/cellist Andi Otto and Rwandan dancer/singer Evariste Karinganire on Multi Culti. We then travel to southern Italy for a mesmerising track by Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino and fellow Italian saxophonist, composer and singer-songwriter Vincenzo "Enzo" Avitabile, taken from CGS' latest album "Meridiana". 

We remain in the Mediterranean region as we sip on an explosive cocktail of rock'n'roll and traditional Tsifteteli from 1960s Greece behind the sounds of Deli Teli and their rendition of the Aris San's classic "Boum Pam", which also serves as the basis to the Greco-Turkish four-piece Rişar & Kupa 4's "Tamba Tumba", taken from a recent, remastered reissue on Ironhand Records. After that we hear a slice of Congolese rumba as performed by the iconic TPOK Jazz outfit and their charismatic leader François Luambo, aka Franco (read more here). To round off the selection we picked two more tracks that need to be heard: the first one by Tel Aviv-based composer, producer, bassist and band leader Shay Hazan off his recent LP "Reclusive Rituals" on Batov Records and, last but not least, a track by the Tokyo-based, Krautrock-inspired band Minami Deutsch, taken from their 2018-released and recently reissued LP "With Dim Light".

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify and watch the unofficial music video to Soul Keita and Nicolas Jaar's "Democracy, I Was Thirsty" below. Thank you 2021 and welcome 2022!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom