Acoustic Appeal

29/10/2021Tel Aviv's Jewish Monkeys Return To Germany To Stage A Three-Stop Unplugged Session in Frankfurt, Dresden And Berlin

Believe it or not, our very own Jewish Monkeys are back for more. After a long, forced hiatus – a common side-effect of the global pandemic – the raucous Tel Aviv outfit has just announced a quick visit to Germany, including three live shows, strictly unplugged!

On the heels of their latest album release arriving at the tail end of 2019, the group had scheduled an extended "Catastrophic Life" tour that tragically fell short due to international lockdown measures. Showing signs of life with the release of an underground companion video to album track "Too Little Too Late" late last year, the band is now set to stage a masked revival on their three-stop "Acoustic Tour" of Doitchland.

Kicking off their expedition on November 13th is a night at Frankfurt's secret salon, which marks a somewhat nostalgic return to the venue they gave their first unplugged performance in, many years ago. Then it's off to Dresden, home to the Castle Studios in neighbouring Dohna, Röhrsdorf, where the Monkeys once resided and produced several demos, this time, planning to produce a video documenting the free-entrance acoustic set on November 15th. And, finally, they head back to the capital on November 16th for a concert at the Jüdische Kulturtage in Berlin.

Brace yourselves for three nights of unrestrained merriment, accompanied by classical guitar, banjo and bouzouki, bass guitar, brooms and bamboo sticks, alongside sax, flute and flugelhorn.

You can find the dates in our live section and tune in to the full "Catastophic Life" experience as well as watch the official companion to the LP's title track below. L'chaim!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom