African Woman Abroad

12/10/2021Don't Sleep On This Reissue Of All-Female Band Mwanamke Mwafrika's Only Album From 1982

We're not quite sure if there is a formula, saying the bigger the release, the less words necessary, but in the case of this brilliant reggae roots album by all female band Mwanamke Mwafrika, it seems to ring true. Originally released in 1982, the highly sought-after eight-track longplayer was reissued last year on London imprint Common Ground International and recently came to our attention, when a friend pulled the record with its bright yellow cover and curious artwork from his bag. 

"African Woman Abroad" was the first and only album recorded by this group, i.e. Shelomi Coke, Diane White, Caroline Williams, Paulette Coke, Valerie Skeete, Barbara Grossett and Vyris Edghill. What's more, this "deep UK militant roots music" boasts top tier production, featuring Mad Professor on recording and Mikey Campbell, alias Mikey Dread, on mixing duties. Legend has it, the band went on to record alias Akabu. Needless to say, while the original is almost impossible to find at a reasonable price, this limited repress is more than welcome and still up for grabs.

Click on the player below or stream/buy the digital album via Bandcamp. Tip!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom