Nella Misura In Cui

27/07/2021Four Flies Records Release Sultry 1979 Italian Golden Age Soundtrack By Augusto Martelli

Disco, you either love it or can no longer stand it. In our case it's the first and upon hearing the latest 'reissue' or rather "the first complete release of Augusto Martelli's sultry" golden age soundtrack to Italian director Piero Vivarelli's 1979 "delicious erotic-exotic flick" entitled "Nella Misura In Cui", we felt obliged to do a short write-up.

Despite not having watched the movie, the choice to feature Martelli's undeniably groovy movie score was a no-brainer, especially after hearing the incredibly catchy track "Joining Together", which – quite fortuitously – is featured in both a vocal and an instrumental version. The "Nella Misura In Cui" soundtrack was the follow-up to Martelli's breakthrough score for Vivarelli's 1970 feature "Il Dio Serpente" and sees him "expand the tropical-voodoo sound of his earlier score to incorporate elements from disco, soul, and funk."

Building on the soundtrack's hip-swinging main theme "The Joint", combining laidback beach vibes with a youthful, mildly inebriating hippie-esque allure, it's off to the races: groove upon bass line upon rhythm section upon groove, the dance is on. The melodious, life-affirming positivity of this score is both irresistible and intoxicating, resulting in a slightly nostalgic aftertaste once the needle exits the last groove. Luckily for us, we can start all over again. 

Do yourself a favour and listen to this masterpiece of Italian golden age film music. You can stream/buy the full release via the Bandcamp player below or visit the Four Flies website.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom