18/06/2021Hot Casa Records Releases Ecstatic Fourth Album By Peter Solo's Vaudou Game

It's been three years since we picked up on the wicked charms of ebullient French-Togolese afro-funk collective Vaudou Game by ways of their third album "OTODI". Led by equally effervescent and formerly masked bandleader Peter Solo and shrouded in a spiritual mist, Vaudou Game was quick to win us over with a whole lot of funk and pizzazz. The group continues to be a force to be reckoned with and just dropped its fourth longplayer on Hot Casa Records. Enter "Noussin", which simply translates to 'Stay Strong' in Mina, a dialect from South-West Togo.

Answering to the global lockdown situation, Peter Solo and his band retreated to the studio for a session that was originally to result in an EP, had the voodoo deities not opposed and kept the collective locked in: "Graced with tapered guitars stringing out rhythmic bumps or withdrawing a few beats to indulge in infectious solos, this album is boisterously alive with vintage '70s funk, infused with a few digressions into other ethers of the funk timeline, nicking different sounds and frequencies to render the black and white keys of an inspired keyboard to reach new euphoric levels of melodic acidity."

If anything the ten tracks on "Noussin" are a potent antidote to post-pandemic tristesse or existential turmoil. The music on this ecstatic and absolutely bewitching tour de force beckons us to let go of our angst and rock out like there was no tomorrow. After all, who can really say if there will be?! You can stream/buy the full oeuvre via Bandcamp and stream the equally vibrant and colourful companion video to lead-single "Bella" below. Rest assured, you will 'regrette rien'.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom