Duniya Kya Hai

11/02/2021Lapgan Drops Insane Beat Tape Composed Almost Exclusively Of Sounds From India And Pakistan

It's a rare feat to ready a project that is coherent from start to finish, that is so complete it is best consumed in its entirety. Chicago-based beatmaker and producer Lapgan recently released an insanely dense 21-track beat tape for Mauritius-based imprint electrocaïne's X-Series, "composed almost exclusively with sounds from India and Pakistan."  His latest project digs deep into the '60s and '70s film industry of both Pakistan and India, revealing uncanny similarities and at the same time questioning the current geopolitical (dis)order and ongoing cultural conflict between the two countries. 

"Duniya Kya Hai", which loosely translates to "What is this World" in both Hindi and Urdu, is a mesmerising sonic exploration of Lapgan's own Indian heritage, but also "wishes to document the shared history and bridge the gap generated by the callous, adversarial and portioned politics of the region" in the wake of British colonial control and Cold War strategising. Rooted in downtempo and hiphop, Lapgan's beats cover a lot of ground, but are made to stick. More likely than not, you will have a hard time picking your favourite.

Hoping that "listeners will perceive and embrace the unity of the human experience that lies beneath national and cultural conflicts," Lapgan's latest feat is as well-intentioned as it is entertaining, reworking existential themes into beautifully looping form and imagining a world, where humans might peacefully coexist. You can stream the full beat tape and check out the companion visuals to "Durga Doesn't Approve" below. का आनंद लें!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom