Heavy Hearts

06/03/2020Jewish Monkeys Forced To Cancel Upcoming Tour Due To Global Corona Craze

Today is a very sad day for us and Jewish Monkeys fans all across the globe, especially those in Germany. In an ironically 'catastrophic' turn of events and due to ongoing precautionary measures taken by governments around the world in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Tel Aviv-based band announced today that it would not be able to embark on the second leg of its "Catastrophic Life" tour through Germany next week. The outfit took to social media to deliver the news in an impromptu heartfelt performance for its fans, which you can watch here (watch to the end!). 

The Jewish Monkeys also released the following official statement on the current state of affairs: "With a heavy heart the Jewish Monkeys have to cancel the second part of their "Catastrophic Life" tour. Who would have thought that the ironic title of their album would catch up with them. Yesterday in the late afternoon the Israeli government issued a decree that quarantines all those entering from Germany for 14 days. Under these conditions a tour in Germany is impossible."

Without getting too deep into the politics of it all, it suffices to say that we are heartbroken. The tour was scheduled to kick off next Thursday for the Jüdische Kulturtage (Jewish Culture Days) in Chemnitz, then moving on to Fürth, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Hannover, Darmstadt and finally Frankfurt am Main. Unfortunately, however much we might feel cheated out of some amazing shows, it's safety first and adhering to national/international regulations. Our hearts are heavy, and yet we leave you with the official video to "Catastrophic Life", hoping that it will keep us all afloat for now.

Thank you all for your continued support, keep washing those hands, be safe, gut shabbes and one love!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom