Lines From Different Sources

23/07/2019Israel's Kutiman Releases Pleasantly Psycho-Active New Five-Tracker

One year after his ethereal album "Don't Hold Onto the Clouds", Israeli songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, orchestra leader, digital mixologist, and filmmaker Ophir Kutiel, aka Kutiman, is back with a new five-track EP. Drawing from multiple musical points of reference, Kutiman embarks on another series of "intergalactic explorations of the lesser travelled spaces existing between all things funky, jazzy and psychedelic." 

"Lines From Different Sources" is clearly Kutiman's doing, featuring "swirling synth lines over tabla and percussive patterns, flutes conversing with distant horns and psycho-active liquid guitars paving the way for shifting melodies and grooves." Brilliantly orchestrated and densely composed, his sound here is easily digested yet equally nourishing, while "the wide range of instruments recorded are all played, overdubbed and sonically enhanced by Kutiman himself" (including contributions by Shlomi Alon [flute, saxophone], Sefi Zisling [trumpet], Yair Slutzki  [trombone]).

We've detected influences as diverse as afro, funk, jazz, psychedelic, surf and cosmic, but go ahead and check for yourself and let us know what you hear. You can stream/buy the full EP on Bandcamp.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom