Isla Fantasiá

09/07/2019Barcelona's Kokoro Disco-San Drop Sun-Drenched 12" On Rocafort Records

Sitting in Istanbul on a sweltering Tuesday morning, we can't help wishing we were on a tropical island, lying in a hammock, sipping something cold, anything cold, before walking over to the clear blue ocean and simply diving in. This is pretty much the daydream we just had, when listening to the latest 12" release on Swiss imprint Rocafort Records

Presenting two sun-drenched tracks by Barcelona trio Kokoro Disco-San (aka Lalo López, Miguelito Superstar and Thompson) side A features "Isla Fantasiá", a smooth-as-can-be disco burner, reminiscent of a Joey Negro/MAW (Masters at Work) production, complete with a loungy four-to-the-flour beat, "catchy synth riffs and echoey Brazil-inspired backing vocals" to take a cruise to. On the flipside is another laid-back tune by the name of "Sonic Feeling", which comes equipped with a driving, funk-filled bassline, disco flourishes and some extra fizz, perfect to sip on, while enjoying the Balearic view from your infinity pool. 

That being said, if you're looking for a new two-tracker to complete your set, get the evening crowd on its feet or simple zone out to, Rocafort Records has got you covered. Feel free to stream/buy this release as well as their other repertoire on Bandcamp. And most importantly, go find your fantasy island.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom