Digital Kabar

01/07/2019InFiné Records Releases Essential Compilation Of Electronic Maloya From La Réunion

After more than a decade in the business, Paris/Berlin-based imprint InFiné rightfully describes itself as "a harbour for adventurous, resolutely independent" and dancefloor-oriented music of all styles. Just recently it released "Digital Kabar", an essential compilation of electronic maloya, the  genre native to the French island of La Réunion. 

"At once sacred and secular; sometimes calculated but often improvised; formerly clandestine but now manifest: the Kabar is now an integral part of the Réunionnais landscape, eschewing any of the labels that are slung its way. The genre is like a snapshot of island life, with its artisanal musical instruments, its block parties, its ritual dances and its pamphleteering lyrics. A Réunion, in all senses of the term," reads the description.

"Digital Kabar" as such features the musical union of maloya and electronic music, brought to life by a host of diverse artists (including Loya) and incorporating a plethora of extraordinary sounds and musical nuances. The compilation's distinct blend of flavours provides an almost left-field vibe that will nonetheless light up pretty much any location possessing an able sound system.

You can stream/buy the entire release here on Bandcamp or preview the track "Gardien Volcan" by the Sheitan Brothers below. 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom