22/06/2019Victoria Hanna Returns With An Epic Torah-Themed Music Video

On Thursday, just in time for Shabbat, our phenomenal Victoria Hanna delivered a spectacular new music video to her debut album track "Orayta" that features an absolutely unique display of Aramaic rap or spoken word. On "Orayta" the Israeli vocalist brilliantly pairs the raw and mystical sounds of ancient Hebrew with Tamir Muskat's (APE Records, Balkan Beat Box) sleek and expansive hiphop-styled production. 

"The lyrics are taken from the main book of Kabbalah, praising the wisdom nestled in the old texts in a language bordering on incantation. 'Orayta' is the Aramaic term of endearment for the Torah [...] a book which is 'more than a book', so much so, that it becomes something like a woman in the eyes of the writers."

Ella Sade Chen, Alin Baray and Junior Romero now created an animated music video to "Orayta", telling Victoria Hanna's life story in mesmerising kaleidoscopic images; "the daughter of a rabbi, peeking into the men's section at the synagogue and discovering the rich world of silenced womanhood." 

Victoria Hanna will be performing live at this year's WOMAD festival on July 27th. 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom