13/07/2019Istanbul's Grup Ses & Cologne-Based Elektro Hafiz Deliver Mind-Twisting Full-Length

One could call this a timely meeting of Istanbul's avant-garde: "Prolific crate digger, sampling whiz and producer extraordinaire" Grup Ses joins forces with Cologne-based electric saz phenom Elektro Hafız for a mind-bending potpourri of styles. Recently released on Debora Ipekel's Zel Zele Records, "Varyete" is the title to their collaborative new full-length and a dazzling display of variety is just what the two deliver, "from deep Anatolian psychedelic grooves to dirty electronics, playful beats and hip hop."

Listening to "Varyete" is quite an adventure, as we witness the two artists effortlessly bring together their parallel musical universes to create common ground. Head-nodding beats, cosmic chops, acid-induced forays into the unknown and arabesque melodies are only part of the picture; one track even includes Tuvan throat singing. "Varyete" ventures into the darker realms of our mind, guided by mutual flashes of brilliance that make for a riveting and wondrous listening experience. 

The full-length also features guest performances by Berlin producer Onofon, Istanbul's MC/producer Da Poet, Istanbul's Roadside_Picnic and a flipped sample of Egyptian jazz legend Salah Ragab. Naturally, you are bound to discover even more, once you give this record a spin or two. So head over Bandcamp now to stream/buy the release in full. You can also preview Elektro Hafız's "Mega Hafıza 2" as a Grup Ses Acid Cut below, just in case you needed any more convincing.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom