Don't Hold Onto The Clouds

22/07/2018Kutiman Shifts Gears On Ethereal New Album

It's hard to image the multi-talented Israeli producer and one-man think tank Ophir Kutiel, aka Kutiman, not having his head up in the clouds. After all, he has already released such a wide array of exhilarating, intoxicating and thought-provoking compositions, that we are having trouble keeping up and permanently wondering, what's next?

Just a bit over a week ago, Kutiman hit us with his latest four-track longplayer, fittingly entitled "Don't Hold Onto The Clouds", which caught us completely off guard as we embarked on a blissful electronic journey of sound: "Behind The Sound" opens the flood gates, as we are rushed into another dimension, at once ancient and futuristic, a distant oasis of the mind, taking us deeper and deeper into time and space. "Unknown" is of a more playful nature, yet equally mesmerising. Synth swirls and hot winds lift us skyward on a starry night, think Van Gogh, but with a Mediterranean air to it. Almost meditational, "Mineral" has us mining our subconscious, a slow Bolero-like trance, trickling down through hollow caverns. But then "Lucid Dream" kicks in and takes over, breathing new life into our surroundings, repetitive in nature, it vibrates with colour and warmth, and is somewhat reminiscent of Jan Jelinek's "Loop Finding Jazz".

And so Kutiman does it again, providing healthy vibes for mindful times. Check out the visualizer to "Lucid Dream" below and stream/buy the full album on Bandcamp

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom