Drumphilia Vol. 1

26/06/2018A Vision Of Early African Electronic Music & Modern Beats

It's been a while since we last heard from Berlin-based Italian multi-instrumentalist Andrea Benini. Back in 2016 he released longplayer number five under his Mop Mop moniker. Now he returns with a brand new project on Agogo Records, an infectious rhythmic journey into African and Caribbean percussion, combining traditional instrumentation and analogue electronics "to create a hybrid sound in the tradition of artists like Francis Bebey"

What's even more remarkable is that "there are no traditional harmonic instruments on the recordings - the aim was to create melody and texture using only carefully tuned percussion instruments, whether organic or electronic. Basslines were created by blending drum synth tones with the acoustic marimbula, a traditional Caribbean instrument that was often used in place of abass guitar".

Andrea Benini's "Drumphilia Vol. 1" makes for quite the listening experience, melding warm textures with enticing rhythm patterns to hypnotic effect. You can stream the full album via Bandcamp or listen to Benini's African Mix for Magentic Magazine in the SoundCloud player above, which includes many a rhythm that inspired his latest release. 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom