17/05/2018Barcelona's Adarce Records Digs Deep Into Spanish Grooves From 1974-1984

Barcelona-based imprint Adarce Records has been putting out some great music lately, which definitely warrants a short introduction on Greedy. Specialising in "Spanish grooves, including reissues of funk, disco, rumba, bossa nova and library records from the 60s & 70s", Adarce has been dropping a host of impressive records and compilations to the benefit of diggers and music lovers all across the globe.

Released at the tail-end of 2017, their fantastic 14-track compilation of Spanish gypsy soul funk and disco definitely made a lasting impression on us. "Naino!" is dedicated to "the fusion of black music and gypsy music" created in Spain between 1974 and 1984 and focusses "on a breakthrough movement that was started by 'rumberos' and 'flamencos' by mixing soul, funk and disco" that enabled "musicians to explore new sounds and discover links between these two well-known musical traditions".

You can listen to the entire compilation in the YouTube playlist below. For reference we've included a detailed tracklist below. Enjoy!

1) Marian Conde - Tómame que tómame
2) Juan Bautista - Naino naino
3) Los Maravilla - Ven ven vente
4) Dolores Vargas - Déjalo
5) Paca y Manuela - Dímelo
6) Chele - Libre como el viento
7) Lola Flores - Cómo me las maravillaría yo
8) Perlita de Huelva - Mi almohada
9) Morena y clara - Para vivir así
10) Trigal - Vente conmigo
11) Las Deblas - Zorongo
12) Rumba tres - Buscaremos un rincón
13) Tobago - Toquiliquitón
14) Chipén - Volao

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom