Bel Biguine

20/04/2018Listen To A Brilliant Mix Of Caribbean Finds Via Les Mains Noires

Working out of Paris, Les Mains Noires are a versatile, multi-faceted collective of like-minded "music and image lovers" that run their own blog, which serves as a treasure trove for far away sounds.

Digging deeper and deeper into early Caribbean recordings and back from a recent trip to the island of Guadeloupe in the French West Indies, My Old Friend Fred Martin put together a mix of 13 amazing finds (tracklist below), combining "the very best of the 'Bel Biguine* / Dirty Jazz' style".

This brilliant selection can be heard via Mixcloud and is sure cast its spell on you.

*Biguine is a rhythm-centric style of music that originated in Guadeloupe and Martinique in the 19th century.

Tracklist: "CÔCÔLÔ - Bel-Biguine selected by My Friend Fred Martin"
01° ORCHESTRE COMBO ZOMBI // Mussieu a têt'a poisson la
02° GENTILLE & Orch P.E HALIAR // Bel Biguine
03° FRANK NOEL et son ensemble Lotus Jazz w/ Raphael Zachille // Mam’zelle A Present
04° HENRI DEBS Quartet & PAUL BLAMAR // Côcôlô
05° DOLOR // Assez Mal Palé Moin
06° ELEUTHER // Chaque Fois
07° REMY MONDEY // Faut ou ou trop presse
08° J. CALODA // Femm' a conmece
09° RAPHAEL ZACHILLE // I faut jouer biguine la
10° EMILE VOLEL // Maxel's Compas
11° DOLOR et ses Étoiles // Lé moin té Minê
12° DANIEL FORESTAL // Les Coupeurs de Cannes
13° MAHY & orchestre Mariepin // Aline

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom