Nubia Nova

29/03/2018Ozferti Breathes Futuristic New Life Into East African Musical Traditions

We here at Greedy are always eager to explore new musical realms and ask ourselves: "What have we here?". And that is exactly the question we had in mind, when we chanced upon the French beatmaker/multi-instrumentalist/electronic producer and illustrator Florian Doucet, who goes by the name of Ozferti. Now living in the Belgium capital of Brussels Ozferti has come to our attention by creating an alternative musical dimension, entirely his own. 

Having paved the way in 2016 with his debut album "Addis Aboumbap" in the spirit of Ethiojazz, featuring an intriguing sample-ridden blend of "traditional Ethiopian music with rap, psychedelic stairs, progressive dub and electronics", he followed that up with two Afrogrime EPs, aka "This is Afrogrime Vol.1" and "This is Afrogrime Vol. 2", ably mashing up UK Grime staples the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Wiley or Skepta with afro-beats or so-called "tribal patterns of African spirits"

All released via his own online label NUBIA NOVA records, his latest five-track EP release is sure to turn some heads. "The Call" is Ozferti beckoning us to enter his self-created NUBIA NOVA universe (watch the animated companion video here); a driving sonic odyssey of hypnotic chants, Ethiopian melodies and futuristic grooves, exploring the sounds of East Africa and beyond.

Or as Ozferti puts it: "Miles away from earth, in an alien place, where the sun embraces the sand, where old spirits meet electronic machines, where desert tribes meet futuristic cities and unknown species, there’s NUBIA NOVA, the purple planet."

Listen to Ozferti's "The Call" EP in full below and check out his mystical live performance of "Aturiye" below.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom