22/03/2018Hot Casa Records Release Four Super Funky Tracks By Obscure Artist From The Ivory Coast

Always good for a rare dig are Paris-based Hot Casa Records, an imprint specialising in dusty afro soul and tropical funk and run by DJ Julien Lebrun alongside Djamel Hammadi (aka Afrobrazilero).

Their latest find is an obscure artist from the Ivory Coast by the name of Deke Tom Dollard, who went on to record a total of four albums between 1979 and the early 1980ies. Two of these records, recorded in Abidjan and released on two different labels (War Records & As Records), were recently rediscovered by Afrobrazilero. However, he had a hard time finding out anything about the singer or the musicians involved. Even the original labels had pretty much lost all trace.

Hot Casa nevertheless managed to license a selection of four amazing tracks, marked by "heavy basslines, traditional percussion, funky guitar riffs, nice horn sections and lyrics in Bété language. The song 'Demonde' is actually inspired by the harmonies to Herman Kelly's infamous 'Dance To The Drummer's Beat' from 1978" (listen below). Needless to say, these tracks will have afro funk lovers' hearts skip a beat, or two. Tune in on Bandcamp to stream Deke Tom Dollard's "Na-You" in full.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom