02/03/2018Propelling The Oud Into The 21st Century

There is something truly mesmerising about the sound of the oud, even more so, when it's the sound of two ouds. Firmly rooted in North African and Middle Eastern culture, the lute-like, pear-shaped instrument is assumed to be of Central Asian origin. Now propelling the instrument into the 21st century are the virtuosic duo of Tunisian-born Jean-Pierre Smadja, alias Smadj, and Mehdi Haddab from Algeria.

Based in Paris, the two master oud players joined forces as DuOuD, combining their North African heritage with Arabic influences and contemporary western-style electronics, fusing everything from break beats, to jazzy grooves and even metal guitar with rare aplomb. And, "they do so with an imaginative freedom that sets them apart from their contemporaries" and results in equally beautiful and intense soundscapes.

With three albums under their belt, it seems like DuOuD are now back in the studio, all fired-up and readying new material. A few weeks ago they released a clip, showing them rehearsing in Hammamet, Tunisia, in preparation for upcoming live shows (check below). But first, watch the rocking new video and feel free to "Get Sexy Get Mad"!

April 6th Paris, @FLOW
April 19th Anaba, Algeria
May 11th Langonnet (FR), @Festival Couleurs du monde
May 29th China Tour
July 25th Sines (PT), @Festival Musicas do Mundo
October 9th-13th Algeria Tour
October 20th-23rd Taiwan

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom