King Coya

02/02/2018Taking South American Folklore To New Heights

This one takes us back in time or forward, you decide. Hailing from the Northern Argentine Andes, renowned composer Gaby Kerpel is somewhat of a musical visionary. His digitalised, imaginary alter ego King Coya has made a name for himself, by blending traditional elements from Colombian and Peruvian cumbias as well as Argentine folklore with electronic music.

His 2009 release on ZZK Records entitled "Cumbias de Villa Donde" features "an accessible yet timeless collection of original down-tempo, electro folklorica that bridges indigenous music out of South America with global dance". His tracks are the result of live performances at Buenos Aires' Zizek Club, "rich, layered compositions blending the new world with the old, the East and the West, an exercise in digital cross-global pollination" that is not readily pigeonholed.

So without further ado, treat yourselves to this full-length throwback, alias King Coya's "Cumbias de Villa Donde" and if time permits, make sure to check out the special King Coya ZZK mixtape below. Have a nice weekend!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom