Mambo Cósmico

27/03/2018Mexico City's Sonido Gallo Negro Are Simply On Another Level

Hold on tight, as Mexico City's 'loco' nine-piece instrumental combo Sonido Gallo Negro (Black Rooster Sound) is about drop its third album via the trusted Glitterbeat Records on April 6th. And, as the title suggests, it promises to be one heck of a trip.

Following up on their enticing 2011 debut "Cumbia Salvaje" (Savage Cumbia) and its equally mind-bending 2014 successor "Sendero Místico" (Mystical Path), the group's "exhilarating third album continues their exploration into the psychedelic richness and rhythmic pulse of Peruvian cumbia while at the same reaching for new sounds and textures – such as mambo, cha cha, porro and danzon".

Of the eleven tracks on the forthcoming "Mambo Cósmico", nine are originals, while the other two (namely "Tolú" by Lucho Bermúdez and "¿Quién será?" by Pablo Beltrán Ruiz) are cover versions. Watch them perform "Tolú" live in front of a passionate crowd at last year's WOMEX expo via WDR Cosmo (video only available until November 2018).

Sonido Gallo Negro's unique palette of sounds is clearly Latin, yet so much more. You may be tempted to call their "sonic collage" ritualistic, but that would be to ignore their wide-eyed mix-and-match approach to a far vaster musical cosmos. Not to mention their undeniable live presence, where they bring their "very impressive propositions" to life.

We can't wait to hear "Mambo Cósmico" in full. So until then, we leave you with "Cumbia Ishtar" in the visualizer below, the album's title track in the SoundCloud player above, as well as the Instant Grat track "Mambo Egipcio", which you can stream via Bandcamp.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom