Ambassador Osayomore Joseph

03/04/2018A Tribute Mix To The "Fela Kuti of Benin"

Fresh off the holiday weekend, we would like to share with you this upbeat musical homage to the great Ambassador Osayomore Joseph, by the London-based MogaDisco crew, a passionate collective curating the African continent's "finest sounds". Recently released as The Vinyl Factory's mix #129, the 50-minute selection pays tribute to an extraordinary personality and formidable musician, who has been likened to "the Fela Kuti of Benin".

Hailing from Benin City, capital of the Edo State in southern Nigeria, Osayomore Joseph has been active in music for nearly half a century. "Like Fela, he too was imprisoned for speaking out against the government in his music." Late last year, shortly after performing at the one-year coronation anniversary of the Oba of Benin, Osayomore was abducted at gunpoint. After spending more than a month in captivity, he was freed in exchange for ransom.

"The kidnappers called themselves forest soldiers. Those who came to kidnap me did not know me. It was when I got to the creek that some learned ones started singing my old songs. They did not know that I started fighting before they were born," Osayomore recalls.

Listen to the full tribute mix on Mixcloud (tracklist below). We also came up with a full live show, which has Osayomore on flute and vocals, entertaining as only he can. We're happy he's back.

VF Mix 129
1. My Name Is Money
2. Owa
3. Oyeye
4. Egua Oba
4. Soja Go Soja Come
5. Omongle
6. Alele
7. Teacher

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom