14/05/2018Argentina's Muno Releases Entrancing Debut EP Of Tribal Slowhouse

It's summertime here in the Western hemisphere and so at times, life slows down as we spend more and more time back in the outdoors, cherishing those moments in the sun, taking in life's treats to the fullest. Call it a perfect fit for the downtempo experimental electronics that rising Argentinian producer Muno has been dropping.

Deemed slowhouse with an ethic, tribal touch, Muno just released his debut EP "Mawu" on São Paulo's Tropical Twista Records and it is absolutely entrancing: "Mawu is related to fertility, motherhood, kindness, forgiveness, rest and joy. It's the feminine half of the creator god Mawu-Lisa. It is associated with aspects of the world related to the earth, the west, the moon and the night," reads the description, as Muno effortlessly creates "a collage of ancient rhythms blended with fine modern electronica".

There is a rare musical magic to be found in these cutting edge concoctions, flashing archaic colours in surprisingly familiar fashion. You can download the entire four-track EP on a 'name your price' basis from Bandcamp or stream it in the SoundCloud player above. Also, visit Muno's SoundCloud page for more of his production work.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom