Eastern Soul

16/05/2018Fortuna Records Issue Four-Track 12" By Yemenite Jazz Legend Tsvia Abarbanel

Back in 2012 Tel Aviv's prolific Fortuna Records imprint released its first 7" record. Yemenite jazz legend Tsvia Abarbanel's "Soul Of The East" EP featured two tracks and has been highly sought-after ever since.

After digging up another one of Abarbanel's tracks that was included on their 2017 compilation of obscure Yemenite-Israeli funk, Fortuna Records now released a much anticipated EP entitled "Eastern Soul" with four super rare tracks by Tsvia Abarbanel.

"Privately pressed by Tsvia in 1970, this was the first-ever attempt at combining traditional Yemenite compositions with funk and spiritual jazz." You can stream the entire release in the SoundCloud player above and/or buy the EP via Bandcamp. Rest assured, this is a special one!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom