Nozi Nozi

14/07/2018Liraz Returns With A Visually Captivating New Music Video To Her Debut Single

If you are not yet a fan, you will be in about five minutes, trust us. Israeli actress, model, singer and songwriter Liraz made her first appearance on Greedy back in 2016, when she first introduced her Rejoicer-produced debut single "Nozi Nozi" on Tel Aviv's Dead Sea Recordings; an enchanting nod to her Persian roots. 

Continuously seeking to "provide a voice for silenced Iranian women", she recently unveiled the single's official companion music video, directed by Nadav Direktor. The gorgeous work references "late '70s TV video clips of female singers from the Middle East" and provides a constantly shifting visual backdrop, as the "alluring singer" is superimposed onto "mesmerising landscapes and picturesque sites"

Lyrically the song points to traditional female role models in Iranian society and alludes to "the idea of 'noz', the Iranian archetype of a sweetly-smiling wife". See Liraz below in a stunning "visual remix of oldschool TV footage", turning her memories of Iran into "surreal symbols of  feminism and orientalism" and backed by an impressive lineup of talented fellow musicians:

Uri Shefi (violin & lyra)
Gershon Waiserfirer (electric oud & trombone)
Ariel Kasis (kanoon)
Amir Shasar (ney)
Yogev Glusman (bass & violin)
Amir Sadot (bass, double bass)
Gilad Abro (bass)
Roy Chen (drums)
Aviva Aleav (violin)
Erez Mounk (percussion)
Noam Havkin (keys)
Roy Hermon (keys)
Ben Aylon (percussion)
Mark Eliyahu (kamancheh)
Rejoicer (synths, rhodes & drum programming)

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom