Under The Sun

14/01/2020Athens’ Afrodyssey Orchestra Embarks On Another Cross-Continental Journey

Not too long ago, we made a surprise discovery at a Berlin independent vinyl market and decided to take the record home with us, if only for the beautiful, die-cut artwork and foldout sleeve. Let's just say that our initial hunch was instantly rewarded and the record remains among our prized possessions. Said album was the Afrodyssey Orchestra's "In the Land of Aou Tila", a seven-track experimental and instrumental advance towards the "remote banks of a West African river," blending all sorts of musical influences such as jazz, funk, psychedelia and traditional West African dance music.

Today, the Athens-based band, that originally came together back in 2013, released it's follow-up album on Sergi Roig's Berlin-based Altercat Records, a label with a penchant for "high-quality releases" and "sounds from the past." Their latest joint effort is entitled "Under the Sun" and again features seven instrumental tracks in an all-out brilliant display of musicality, combining multiple genres, driven by African percussion and instruments such as the Kamelen Ngoni (a sort of African harp), the Balafon, the Chekere, the Djembe or the Doun Doun.

These are tracks that will set your mind afloat and feet in motion as you dream of lands far away and quite literally dance under the sun, which just so happens to be the title of the album you can stream/buy below. You might also watch their 2017 live performance of a track called "Moroccan Dancer" for Sofar Sounds.

Afrodyssey Orchestra are:
Konstantinos Arvanitis (electric guitar)
Vassilios Ikonomidis (doun doun, balafon, percussion, keyboards)
Christos Konstantinidis (drums)
Vasilis Papastamopoulos (bass)
Narayan Protin (djembe, congas, kamelen ngoni, talkin’ drum, chekere)
Thodoris Rellos (tenor saxophone)

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom