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Afrodyssey Orchestra

31/07/2018New Album “In The Land Of Aou Tila” Out Now On Altercat Records

On a recent visit to Berlin's FreakOuternational Vinyl Market (which featured a live performance by Ghana's Guy One), we reached the stand of Sergi Roig and his independent label Altercat Records. While sifting through the crates, one particular record caught our attention with its gorgeously patterned, die-cut artwork and elegant foldout sleeve.

This record was Athens-based Afrodyssey Orchestra's latest album "In the Land of Aou Tila" and, just like its cover, the LP's seven tracks hold equal promise: "Deep in the jungle, on the remote banks of a West African river, lies the land of the fearless tribe of Aou Tila. Their music, a blend of sounds and rhythms that captivates you... like the sirens of the Odyssey..." (Anonymous Traveller 1858 A.D.).

The instrumental ensemble officially came together as Afrodyssey Orchestra in 2013, combining influences from jazz, funk and psychedelic with traditional West African dance music, percussive elements and Greek musical culture to form an experimental conversation as well as "an expression of contemporary Athens".

And we absolutely love what we're hearing. You can preview the album below or listen to the album presentation for Greek radio in the SoundCloud player above. 

The first vinyl pressing is limited to 600 numbered copies, so be quick!

Afrodyssey Orchestra are:
Costas Arvanitis: Guitar
Christos Konstantinidis: Drums
Vassilios Ikonomidis: Percussion, Balafon, Keyboard
Vasilis Papastamopoulos: Bass
Narayan Protin: Djembe, Congas, Kamelen Ngoni
Thodoris Rellos: Saxophone

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom