06/01/2020From Budapest To Berlin With Influences From Africa And Brazil, Don't Sleep On Àbáse

While looking forward to all the new music of 2020, this 2019 release most definitely deserves a special mention: Budapest-born and Berlin-based keyboarder and producer Szabolcs Bognár, aka Àbáse, dropped his astonishing debut on Cosmic Compositions back in May and went on to make several 'best of' lists. And even though we overlooked the initial release, we are now looking to make things right, by making "Invocation" one of our first picks for the new year.

Featuring "seven tracks recorded during a two-year period in different locations," Àbáse's EP is not readily pigeonholed and is bound to take an unforeseen turn, just as you think you've figured it out. Working together with the crème de la crème of Budapest's buzzing musical scene along with special guest performers from Africa and Brazil, Szabolcs Bognár can be heard playing Rhodes, clavinet and synths, while each track develops a distinctive life of its own.

"Invocation" goes on to cast its special blend of broken beats, global/tribal grooves, jazz and neo-soul harmonies, creating a wonderfully melodic yet incredibly intricate soundscape that is quick to work its magic. Just stream/buy the full EP below.

With contributions by:
Fanni Zahár (flute)
Tamás Heilig (bass guitar, Moog)
Ernő Hock (double bass, bamboo marimbula)
András Koroknay (Moog)
Levente Boros (drums)
Máté Jancsovics (drums)
Tamás Czirják, (drums)
Bálint Zsigri aka DJ Slow (percussion)
Dávid Szarvas (percussion)
Bence Táborszky (trumpet)
Máté Bartók (alt saxophone)
Gergő Kováts (baritone saxophone)
Viktor Sági aka Vanis (guitar)

And special guests:
Roque Miguel (conga, xequere, agogo on "Invocation")
Wayne Snow (vocals on "Align")
Stevo Atambire (vocals, kologo on "Sambo")
Joseph Ajusuwine (vocals on "Sambo")
Saïd Tichiti (vocals, oud, karkabat on "Ashek Ellil")

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom