06/01/2020Kyoto's Prog Pop Duo Viva Sherry Revs Engines With Eclectic Six-Tracker

We are back, alive and almost kicking. It's been some two weeks since our last post here, which we spent resting up, eating and enjoying some time-off with our loved ones. That being said, 2020 is well upon us, so here's wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful new year. Let's see what this decade has in hold for us. 

To get things rolling, we decided to share this blaring prog pop six-tracker with you, released late last October on London-based experimental pop and dance imprint mottomotto, that has been on a self-proclaimed mission since 2014 to create a space for "rougher, spontaneous recordings". And that is precisely what earned them a spot on our webzine. 

As you may have noticed, we are not big on pop music, or rather those glossy, over-produced sounds destined to meet the commercial demands of a shallow consumer's market. But this production by "Kyoto's prog pop virtuosos" Viva Sherry was too original to pass up. Entitled "Silenzio" this eclectic onslaught of melodic pop-tinged sounds is anything but silent. Brace yourselves for"spacey jazz jams and bursts of orchestral arrangements" that are all over the place and start the new year in convincing style.

Viva Sherry are:
Sato (left-hand-bass / vocals / flute)
Himeco (vibraphone / drums / sampling / pad / vocals) 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom