The Remixes (2008-2017)

17/11/2017Man Recordings Founder Daniel Haaksman Releases Global Remix Anthology

Berlin-based Man Recordings founder Daniel Haaksman is truly a man of many hats: The prolific DJ, producer, radio show host and aforementioned label founder has spent the last decade exploring the diverse soundscapes of the Southern hemisphere and is rightly considered a pioneer of global or tropical bass, ever since his now iconic "Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats" compilation for Essay Recordings dropped in 2004. Skilfully blending Brazilian and Afro styles with club-friendly, dancefloor-oriented beats and genres, he also championed many a remix along the way.

Releasing today, is a smashing 11-track anthology of his finest remixes from 2008-2017, featuring a seriously fresh selection of multicoloured bangers and rump-shakers to twist, shake and stomp to. Included are high-energy reworks of a wide array of international artists the likes of Felipe Cordeiro (Brazil), Schlachthofbronx (Germany), Makina Del Karibe (Colombia), Weird Together (New Zealand), Madera Limpia (Cuba), Omulu + King Doudou (Brazil/France), Samito (Mozambique/Canada), Populous (Italy) or Batuk (South Africa), leaving no doubt in mind, that Daniel Haaksman was the right man for the job.

Click the SoundCloud player above or visit Spotify to stream "Remixes 2008-2017" in full. The compilation is available on Man Recordings as of today and available via the usual outlets. Chapeau!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom