23/10/2017OMFO Returns With A New EP Of Ex-Otic Sonic Artifacts

Broadcasting "from a lonely rusted tower in the forest" the enigmatic OMFO (Our Man From Odessa), aka German Popov, is on a self-proclaimed mission to introduce Western audiences to what he calls "the intrinsic modernism of the Orient". A sound artist, musician, electronic music producer and researcher, he transcends musical boundaries, delivering a siren's call to new listening horizons.

Named after German Titov, the second human being to travel space after Juri Gagarin, German Popov is all about discovering new galaxies of sound. It comes as no surprise then, that OMFO's latest four-track effort yet again confronts listeners with a sonic mystery in the making: "This EP is made of tracks, written for never-finished movie about Zulfiqar Zulfiqarov. Who is this character?....... Listen and find out".

So here we are, listening to ex-otic soundbits and sonic artifacts, cut and pasted together to form an enchanting whole as beautiful as it is intriguing. And maybe the less we know, the more open our approach to these intricate soundscapes can be. Stream/buy the full "Zulfiqar" EP here.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom