Gili Yalo

29/09/2017Tel Aviv-Based Singer Poised To Release Debut LP On Dead Sea Recordings

Gili Yalo has a story to tell. The native to Ethiopa fled to neighbouring refugee camps in Sudan and arrived in Israel as part of 'Operation Moses', a "covert evacuation of Ethiopian Jews from Sudan during a famine in 1984". Now he is set to launch his solo career. His soon-to-be-released self-entitled debut album on Jaffa-based Dead Sea Recordings contains a rich blend of traditional Ethiopian elements with modern soul, funk, psychedelic and jazz music, brought to life by his unique voice and paired with English/Amharic lyrics.

His music then tells a story, that is his own, inspired by rhythm and flow, and accompanied by vivid melodies and contemporary production alongside Boom Pam's Uri Brauner Kinrot. Gili's band is composed of five musicians on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and trumpet. "Through this album, Gili Yalo reveals a fresh perspective on Ethiopian culture by using his personal musical influences such as James Brown and Mulatu Astatke [...]. The album, like Africa itself, is a rich patchwork of color and rhythm [...] with Ethiopian music at the core." A reminder, to always remember, where you came from.

Below you can watch the music video to his track "Selam", which premiered last week. Stay tuned for more...

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom