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Can You Name Them All?

15/09/2017A Short Animated Introduction To The Jewish Monkeys Ahead Of Their Fall Tour

Just ahead of their upcoming tour of Germany, the Jewish Monkeys decided to drop a short, animated teaser video, introducing the band's individual creative geniuses.

We were trying to win over the legendary Michael Buffer to voice these ringside announcements of the eight Jewish Monkeys. Due to monetary concerns however, we let main man Jossi Reich do the honours and introduce his band of merry men one by one.

Check the video below and to see if you can name them all. And now, ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to ruuummmbbbllleee! Find an up-to-date list of all upcoming Jewish Monkeys shows here and be sure to lend an ear to their "High Words".

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom