I Like Your Girlfriend

19/08/2017Straight Outta Accra: Bryte X Gaffaci's 'Word-Of-Mouth' Classic Gets An Official Release

Let's set things straight: We love the increased attention African artists have been receiving in recent years, especially on the global club circuit. Many a newish afrofusion genre is currently being concocted in studios across the world, by combining traditional African elements with dancefloor styles originating mainly in the Western hemisphere. While some may be quick to emphasise that this is just another modern-day form of cultural appropriation and thus a highly controversial matter, it is hard to argue that this obvious trend has upped the visibility and exposure of said artists in Western media, thereby creating new opportunities for hybrid and innovative sounds from the African continent to hit the market.

What we have here then, is a prime example of a dangerously catchy homegrown production, a "word-of-mouth classic" about to set the world ablaze. After surfacing in several lo-fi dance videos on YouTube, the "impeccable grime-meets-afrohouse" sounds of Ghanaian music producer Gafacci and the "bizarro lyrics" of his compatriot Bryte on "I Like Your Girlfriend" have finally received an official release by ways of London-based imprint Ransom Note Records:

"Coming from Accra’s booming Azonto dance scene, where tracks are knocked out in makeshift home-built studios then swapped through social media apps on smartphones, a proper release of 'I Like Your Girlfriend' has long remained a holy grail. Now, after months of searching, several Western Union transfers, hundreds of WhatsApp messages and no lack of determination, Ransom Note have finally managed to legitimately sign the track, and are all set to give a modern classic the 12” release it deserves - making history with what is quite possibly the first Azonto track to be released on vinyl."

"I Like You Girlfriend" is a "carnival-ready curveball", a definitive "afro-ghetto-techno-pop" anthem, blending "bouncing techy minimalism" with elements from house and UK funky to create a quirky genre-defying mutant of sorts. What at first sounds like the beginning to yet another cheesy EDM replicant, quickly cuts to the 128 bpm chase, waisting no time to unfold its irresistible charm in just under three minutes.

The official vinyl release comprises the original, Gafacci's instrumental track, three hard-hitting remixes by Bawrut, Ahadadream and Oyinboy as well as a bonus of Bryte's acapella to serve as "the perfect mixing tool". What's more, the vinyl release is limited to 30(!!!) and we have already placed our order. But don't fret, the digital release is sure to get the job done. Listen in the SoundCloud player above or head over to Bandcamp now.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom