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14/07/2017Daniel Haaksman Drops Release #100 On Man Recordings & Presents Two 'Cabo Verde'-Inspired Summer Anthems

Friday is release day, as we all know. Release from all the work week's woes and of course the release of new music all across the globe. That being said, one of our favourite musical globetrotters, the one and only Daniel Haaksman, drops his spanking new Funáná EP today, which also happens to be the festive 100th release of his Man Recordings imprint. In honour of his record label's anniversary and after several musical episodes in Brasil, Angola, Mozambique and pretty much everywhere in between, Daniel Haaksman decided it was time, to embark on a new musical journey:

"The "Fun Fun Fun / Aná Aná Aná" single presents his take on the hi-speed dance sound of Cabo Verde called Funaná. Cabo Verde is the beautiful island archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, which is located at the very geographical center of South America, the Caribbean, North America, Africa and Europe. In short, it's in the middle of the sphere called the Black Atlantic, a zone of vast musical and cultural exchange [...]."

After spending a few weeks in Cabo Verde earlier this year "to initiate the upcoming international Lusafro music festival [to take place this July 17th-22nd in Cologne], which brings musicians from Portuguese speaking countries together with artists from Germany", the good time spent triggered his latest release, which is already gaining momentum on the international club and festival circuit. "Single 'Fun Fun Fun' mixes beats and accordion sounds of Funaná with trap and Euro bass music components" and is quite possibly "one of the biggest tropical bass summer tunes of 2017. 'Aná Aná Aná' [on the other hand] is inspired by Cabo Verde´s Kotxi Pó genre, the hardcore, electronic and instrumental version of Funaná, sometimes up to 30 min long, which currently dominates Cabo Verde´s airwaves and dancefloors."

Minds blown over here. We are sure you will love this and would like to tip our hat to Daniel Haaksman and the Man Recordings family. Time to celebrate!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom